Machine Learning Techniques for Text

Apply modern techniques with Python for text processing, dimensionality reduction, classification, and evaluation

Take your Python text processing skills to another level by learning about the latest natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

Key Features

  • Learn how to acquire and process textual data and visualize the key findings
  • Obtain deeper insight into the most commonly used algorithms and techniques and understand their tradeoffs
  • Implement models for solving real-world problems and evaluate their performance

Table of Contents

  • Introducing Machine Learning for Text
  • Detecting Spam Emails
  • Classifying Topics of Newsgroup Posts
  • Extracting Sentiments from Product Reviews
  • Recommending Music Titles
  • Teaching Machines to Translate
  • Summarizing Wikipedia Articles
  • Detecting Hateful and Offensive Language
  • Generating Text in Chatbots
  • Clustering Speech-to-Text Transcriptions

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